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“I Have Arrived, I Am Home” (#Mindfulness #OnTheRoad)

October 25, 2017

While navigating the Toronto airport en route from Ottawa to Rochester, I noticed the thought in my head arise, “I really f’ing hate traveling!”

Instead of going down the rabbit hole of my story about how much I “hate” traveling, instead I decided to smile at that thought. Breathing, walking meditation through the airport, smiling, and singing “I have arrived” to myself. I felt my shoulders relax and my mood lighten. When the thought came back, I laughed out loud!

Now I’m looking forward to part 2 of this “work” trip — a retreat and teacher training on Mindful Practice for health care providers, with my friends and colleagues Ron Epstein and Michael Krasner.

How do you practice mindfulness in the midst of potentially unpleasant or stressful situations?