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“I See It As A Life Saver” – Note from a Mindful Teen

September 21, 2015

I am feeling very moved by a note that I received from a mindful teen recently. Her note is from the heart. Hearing messages like this is why I wrote The Mindful Teen, and I hope others might feel inspired as I do.

Here is a part of her letter, quoted with her permission:

“Dr. Dzung X. Vo, I have read your amazing book, The Mindful Teen, that I just have to say has helped me a lot. Other people at my school look at it as dumb exercises, but I see it as a life saver. My high school is really stressful because all they are doing is preparing us for college, which means a lot of work in one sitting. Also, I play an instrument in a Youth Performing Arts Magnet of my high school, who, as well, push me to exotic levels.
This was just an assigned summer reading book for me this year, but it really helped me a lot. It helped me stop crying about the past and it making afraid it would happen again in the future. Heck, I woke up one morning and realized school was starting that day!…

I want to thank you for all the hard work you do for us raging teenagers. Many adults just think of it as drama, but you see the truth behind it all, and I want to thank you for that too.”